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16 de mayo del 2023

Publicaciones 2021-2023

Publicaciones del ámbito marino (o directamente relacionados a éste) desarrolladas por la Universidad de Magallanes, o en los que académicos, investigadores o estudiantes de la universidad han participado como autores o coautores.

Se ordenan por año (de más reciente a más antiguo) y apellido del primer autor (alfabéticamente). Los autores UMAG se destacan en negrita. Además, se indican los alumnos regulares de la carrera(ar-bm) y exalumnos(ex-bm) con publicaciones sobre la temática relacionada a su tesis.

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(En desarrollo)

ALDEA C, NOVOA L, ACUÑA MP, ACEVEDO-ROMO I & BRAVO F (2023). Benthic biota of Chilean fjords and channels in 25 years of cruises of the National Oceanographic Committee. Scientific Data 10: 82.

AVIGLIANO E, NIKLITSCHEK E, CHUNG M-T, DIAZ B, CHALDE T, DI PRINZIO C, SOLIMANO P, LLOMPART F, GARCÉS C, DIAZ OCHOA J, ALDEA C, HUANG K-F, DUQUENOY C, LEISEN M & VOLPEDO A (2023). Isotope geochemistry as a natural tag of fish in Patagonian freshwater environments: The invasive Chinook salmon case. Science of The Total Environment 873: 162395.

DROGUETT D, ARREDONDO C, DOUGNAC C, KUSCH A, MONTIEL A & VILA A (2023). Native avian predators for the world’s Black-browed albatross (Thalassarche melanophrys) breeding colony in inner waters of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Polar Biology 46: 77–85.

HÜNE M, QUINTULLANCA A(ex-bm), ALDEA C & LANDAETA M (2023). Diet variations and morphological changes of the rockcod Patagonotothen tessellata (Teleostei: Nototheniidae) in Chilean Central Patagonia. Environmental Biology of Fishes: 1-18.

MUÑOZ G, HERNÁNDEZ S & LÓPEZ Z (2023). A new parasitic copepod species of Tautochondria (Siphonostomatoida: Hyponeoidae), found in the narrowmouthed catshark Schroederichthys bivius from the Strait of Magellan. Parasitology International 92: 102694.

SALGADO P, PIZARRO G, FRANGOPULOS M, PINTO-TORRES M, TORO C, TORRES R, ALARCÓN E, GUZMÁN L, MANRÍQUEZ K, RAIMAPO R & CASCALES E (2023). Distribution of dinoflagellate cyst assemblages in surface sediments of Magellan fjords and channels (Patagonia, Chile) with a focus on harmful species: an overview on environmental scenario. Progress in Oceanography 213: 103000.

TORRES R, REID B, PIZARRO G, FRANGÓPULOS M, ALARCÓN E, MÁRQUEZ M, DÍAZ-ROSAS F, MENSCHEL E, GONZÁLEZ HE, MORENO-MEYNARD P, MONTERO P, PACHECO H, PINTO-TORRES M, ALARCÓN C, IBAÑEZ R & HAWKINGS J (2023) Iron and silicic acid addition effects on early spring macronutrient drawdown and biogenic silica production of Patagonia estuarine waters. Progress in Oceanography 214: 102982.

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(En desarrollo)

ANDRADE C, RIVERA C(ex-bm), DAZA E, ALMONACID E, OVANDO F, MORELLO F & PARDO LM (2022). Trophic niche dynamics and diet partitioning of King Crab Lithodes santolla in Chile’s Sub-Antarctic water. Diversity 14(1): 56.

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BECHELER R, HAVERBECK D, CLERC C, MONTECINOS G, VALERO M, MANSILLA A & FAUGERON S (2022). Variation in thermal tolerance of the giant kelp’s gametophytes: suitability of habitat, population quality or local adaptation? Frontiers in Marine Science 9: 802535.

BRANDE M DA R, SANTOS DFL, FIALHO NS, PROENÇA DC, GALLARDO OJEDA P, GODÓI FCM, ROUBACH R & BUENO GW (2022). Bioeconomic and financial risks of commercial tilapia cage culture in neotropical reservoir for aquaculture investors. SSRN Journal 4246500.

BUSTAMANTE DE, CALDERÓN MS & MANSILLA A (2022). Molecular analyses reveal a new species of Palmariaceae from Subantarctic Chile: Devaleraea yagan sp. nov. (Palmariales, Rhodophyta). Phycologia 61(3): 312–320.

DE VRIES MVW, WICKERT AD, MACGREGOR KR, RADA C & WILLIS MJ (2022). Atypical landslide induces speedup, advance, and long-term slowdown of a tidewater glacier. Geology 50(7): 806–811.

DULIÈRE V, GUILLAUMOT C, LACROIX G, SAUCÈDE T, LÓPEZ‐FARRAN Z, DANIS B, SCHÖN I & BAETENS K (2022). Dispersal models alert on the risk of non‐native species introduction by Ballast water in protected areas from the Western Antarctic Peninsula. Diversity and Distributions 28: 649–666.

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JARA B, SRAIN BM, ARANDA M, FERNÁNDEZ C, PANTOJA-GUTIÉRREZ S & MÉJANELLE L (2022). Water-sediment partitioning of flumequine and florfenicol, two antibiotics used in salmon aquaculture in Chile. Marine Pollution Bulletin 177: 113480.

MARAMBIO J, DIEHL N & BISCHOF K (2022). High ecophysiological plasticity of Desmarestia aculeata (Phaeophyceae) present in an Arctic fjord under varying salinity and irradiance conditions. Biology 11(10): 1499.

MARAMBIO J, ROSENFELD S & BISCHOF K (2022). Hyposalinity affects diurnal photoacclimation patterns in the rhodophyte Palmaria palmata under mimicked Arctic summer conditions. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology 11: 100124.


MONTIEL A, PÉREZ D(ex-bm) & GORNY M (2022). Selection of target species for marine protected areas: a multi criteria approach using benthic organisms. Arquivos de Ciências do Mar 55 (Especial Labomar 60 anos): 22–33.

OUTEIRO L, RAU JR & OJEDA J (2022). Historical – geographical colonization of salmon farming in Patagonia [Colonização histórica - geográfica da criação de salmão na Patagônia]. Interciencia 47: 133–137.

PALACIOS SUBIABRE M, ALDEA C & CORCORAN D (2022). Variación latitudinal del tamaño corporal de Tegula atra (Lesson, 1830) (Gasterópodo: Trochidae) en aguas someras del sur de Chile. Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia 50: 1–15.

PENCHASZADEH P, ARRIGHETTI F, ALDEA C & TESO V (2022). Reproductive pattern of Trochita pileolus (d’ Orbigny, 1841) (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae) and different types of intracapsular development in Trochita species of South America. Polar Biology 45: 59–69.

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BUSCAGLIA SOLÉ M, SIELFELD W & AGUAYO LOBO A (2021). Abundancia y densidad relativa de delfines (Mammalia: Delphinidae) entre 18° y 25°S en el Sistema de la Corriente de Humboldt, norte de Chile. Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia 49: 1–26.

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