SUPPORT UNITS Students Affairs Department This unit is in charge of assisting the needs and requirements of undergraduate students, related to physical and mental health, academic orientation, and socioeconomic issues.

This department also channels the different benefits from the Chilean government and also scholarships and benefits granted by the University.

Welfare services- Health services- Sports and Recreation services- Extracurricular activities

Library Service The library system of the University of Magallanes is composed of a Central Library, a satellite library located in the Puerto Natales Center and a Documentation Center at the Institute of Patagonia.

The Central Library was expanded in 2006 and also at that time a significant investment was made in textbooks, modernization of the system and a library internet center. At present there are five sections: academic works, newspaper archive, general collection, reference and reserve.
Extension Programs And Activities The Department of University Extension conducts annual programs that allow interaction with the community, carrying out activities directed at enriching the cultural environment of the region’s elementary and high school students. It also contributes with development activities for UMAG students through cultural events. Community activities are also directed to the general public in the form of conferences, exhibitions, concerts and extension courses.

Artistic Groups: university choral group, folk-dance band and theater company

Other activities are carried out through the University Radio-TV Station and the Regional Music Conservatory

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