Our University The University of Magallanes (UMAG) was created in 1981 as a successor to the Punta Arenas branch of the former State Technical University, which began in 1961. As a public institution with a solid tradition in the Chilean university system, at present the University of Magallanes has over three thousand students enrolled in its five distinguished faculties. Through teaching, research and extension activities, our institution aims to develop knowledge and human resources in the southernmost region of Chile and South America. Foundations of our academic excellence The UMAG’s academic core is formed by 160 full-time professors and a considerable number of associate professors. A large portion of the professors have their doctorate or masters degrees.

Constantly striving to modernize its academic work and processes, the University of Magallanes takes particular care to update the syllabi of its technical and professional degrees, always considering the professional skills needed for the future.

To this already strong foundation, the University is working to develop a modern infrastructure of classrooms, laboratories and a library. Simultaneously, it also strives to strength postgraduate programs and continually improve the academic staff.

UMAG’s teaching, research and extension activities are done through its four faculties: Engineering; Sciences; Humanities, Social and Health Sciences; and Economic and Juridical Sciences, which offer 29 undergraduate degrees and technical degrees. All students are prepared with a high level of academic excellence, emphasizing their all-around development.

Since 2004 the University of Magallanes is accredited by the National Comission of Undergraduate Accreditation (CNAP).

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