LOCATION The UMAG is located in the Magellan and Chilean Antarctic Region and centers its work in one of the largest pristine regions of Chilean Patagonia. Its main campus and the Institute of Patagonia are located in Punta Arenas.

Capital of Región de Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic. Nature, adventure and science features Punta Arenas, with its landscape of Pampa, fjords and channels where snow peaks of the Andes spread along immense landstrips of humid temperate rainforest, such as Pali Aike National Park and the nature reserves Magellan and Laguna Parrillar. The Magellan National Reserve is located at Cerro Mirador, ski center, the only one in Chile with spectacular views of the sea and the city.

In the Southernmost part of Chile (the austral zone), the geography and nature emerge from the most extreme and spectacular forms that it is possible to imagine, adorned with breathtaking landscapes: a pristine concert of native forests, pampas, islands, fjords, channels, fast flowing rivers, lakes and lagoons, hotsprings, majestic millenary icefields and snowdrifts. It is a zone of extinguished cultures, old cattle ranches and important explorers.This is the Chilean Patagonia that embraces Palena Province, Los Lagos Region and Magallanes Region.

This National Park has an spectacularly beautiful landscape, trails qualified to do trekking, and thus travel through different scenarios of pampas, black magallanean forests, lakes and lagoons with icebergs and imposing glaciers, all of this surrounded by huge rocky masses that characterize the figure of the Torres del Paine. Nirre and lenga forests cover the huemules, condors, nandues (South American ostriches) and guanacos. The park is located in the Magallanes Region and the Chilean Antarctica, which capital city is Punta Arenas. It is located at 3.090 km to the south of Santiago, and at approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes by plane.

Source: www.sernatur.cl/internacional

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