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Publicaciones en los que académicos, investigadores o estudiantes adscritos al Departamento de Ciencias y Recursos Naturales de la Universidad de Magallanes han participado como autores o coautores (se destacan en negrita).
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CAÑETE JI, LÓPEZ JL & MUTSCHKE E (2019). Ascidia ceratodes (Huntsman, 1912) (Tunicata: Ascidiidae) off the northern Chilean coast: new record. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research – LAJAR 47(1): 184-189.

CASTILLO A, VALDÉS J, SIFEDDINE A, VEGA SE, DÍAZ-OCHOA J & MARAMBIO Y (in press). Evaluation of redox-sensitive metals in marine surface sediments influenced by the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Humboldt Current System, Northern Chile. International Journal of Sediment Research.

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FRAISSE C, HAGUENAUER A, GERARD K, WEBER AAT, BIERNE N & CHENUIL A (preprint). Fine-grained habitat-associated genetic connectivity in an admixed population of mussels in the small isolated Kerguelen island. bioRxiv: 239244.

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