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Investigación – Docencia – Vinculación con el Medio

08 de May del 2017

About Us

In its Strategic Institutional Development Plan (2012-2016) University of Magallanes has prioritized three areas of research: human population at high latitudes, Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity, and energy. The Antarctic concern Umag also coincides with the guidelines of the Regional Production Development Agenda of the Regional Government of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica (2009-2011).

It is in this context that the Performance Agreement in the field of Higher Education Regional Park: Gaia Antarctica: Antarctic Knowledge and Culture, signed between the University and the Ministry of Education. This agreement has the general objective “substantially improve awareness and knowledge in the Antarctic Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, leading to Umag to be recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for their expertise in Antarctic matters.”

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Centro de Investigación GAIA Antártica

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