Master’s Engineering Sciences
Masters Degree in Industrial Electronics and Control
To train graduates with a high expertise level in Power Electronics and Electronic Activation Control training them to develop teaching and research activities and to advise the productive area in the specialization field.

Master in Engineering Sciences
Industrial Electronics and Control

• The Engineering Faculty has the interest of implementing a Master’s program to strengthen the work of teaching, research and support the productive area in a field of great technological development and industrial applications.
• High level of expertise achieved by professors of the Department of Electrical Engineering, with a majority of postgraduates from Europe.
• An important number of research projects with funding grants at a national level (Fondecyt).
• Large volume of publications in scientific journals and in international conferences of high prestige.
• Good academic level of students from the Department with high quality thesis.
• Strengths of the Electrical Engineering Department, the specialization of the program is focused in the area of Power Electronics and Industrial Control.
• To qualify it is required to have post graduated degree to apply for external funding.

Admission Requirements
Applicants must prove they are in possession of one of the following academic degrees:
• Bachelor of Engineering Sciences
• Civil Engineer.
• Special requests can be specially studied by the Department of Electrical Engineering, after receiving a report from the Department of Electrical Engineering Postgraduate Committee [1]
• Understanding of written English language is necessary.

1. Letter with the application basis.
2. Certificate attesting the degree or diploma obtained.
3. Passing grade certificate
4. Reference letter from two university professors.
5. Sponsorship and authorization of the institution to which the applicant belongs.

Study Plan
• Six core subjects (undergraduate program),
• Two complementary subjects
• A research seminar and
• Degree Thesis.

Fundamental Subjects Supplementary subjects
• Digital control. (Six Credits).
• Modern Control. (Four Credits)
• Electronic Power I. (Six Credits)
• Electronic Power II (six credits)
• Electronic Activation I. (Six Credits).
• Electronic Activation II (Six Credits)
•.Automatas Programables (Six Credits)
• Industrial Instrumentation. (Six Credits)
• Distribution and Protections. (Six credits)
• Control of Industrial Processes. (Four Credits)
• Nonlinear control. (Four Credits)
• Digital Signal Processing. (Six credits)
• Issues in static converters. (Six Credits)

The selection of these subjects should be conducted in agreement with the professor in charge.

Research seminar
• The subject is compulsory.
• Extensive literature search in the area related to the graduate thesis.
• Bibliographic review supervised by the professor in charge.
• Non approval research seminar can not develop their thesis work.
• At the end of the research seminar students should know the state of the art in the area or specific topic in which they will carry out his graduate thesis.

Research lines
• Static converters control.
• Electrical activation control units in CC and CA
• Energy generation systems for variable speed isolated systems.
• Eolic/electric energy conversion systems for autonomous and networked systems .
• Speed estimators.
• Energy stabilization.

Faculty Professors
• Dr. Roberto Cardenas Dobson
Electrical Civil Engineer. Master of Science in Electronics Engineering., University of Nottingham UK, Doctor of Philosophy in Electric and Electronics Engineering University of Nottingham UK

• Dr. Ruben Pena Guíñez

Electrical Civil Engineer. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Nottingham UK, Doctor of Philosophy in Electric and Electronics Engineering University of Nottingham UK

• Dr. Diego Sanchez Soto

Electrical Civil Engineer. Doctor of Philosophy in High Power Converters. Imperial College, U.K.

• Mr. Rolando Aguilar

Electrical Civil Engineer . Master's Degree in electrical engineering from Delft Technical University. Holland, Doctor of Philosophy [1] Delft University of Technology. Netherlands.

• Mr. Jorge Reyes Miranda
Electrical Civil Engineer. Master of Science in Control Engineering, UMIST.
U.K. Doctorate Program in Renewable Energy Technical University of Madrid.

• Mr. Serafin Ruiz Rebolledo
Electrical Civil Engineer. Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering University of Chile. Doctorate Program in Renewable Energy Technical University of Madrid.

International Support
Power Electronics Group, Machine and Control, University of Nottingham, UK

Duration of program: 2 years
Enrollment fee: $98.000
Tuition fee: $2.045.000
Scholarships: 3 specially for graduated studentsIED/UMAG

Information and application forms can be requested in:
Secretary of electrical engineering department, Universidad de Magallanes.
Section 113-D, Punta Arenas, Chile
Phone: (56-61) 207016
Fax: (56-41) 207920
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