Ph.D Program Polytechnic University Of Madrid The Department of Construction Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering will offer a doctorate program from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
During this year the University of Magallanes will offer the community a doctorate program in Building and Architectural Technology, which will be taught by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Based on the agreement signed by both universities on April 17, 2002 and complemented by the specific agreement in November this year, it was agreed that this program took place in the university facilities from March 2007, stating that the academic coordination doctorate will be in charge of Professor Javier De Cardenas y Chavarri, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and in charge of professor Homero Villegas Nuñez from the Department of Construction Engineering from the Universidad de Magallanes. The Management Program will be headed by the Dean of the Engineering Faculty Mr. Oyarzo Humberto Perez.

To make this coordination possible, the professor Mr.Javier de Cardenas, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, visited our university and pointed out that the program will be similar to that implemented in Spain, and will be open to teachers from various universities in the country and professionals from public and private institutions.

The doctorate program will last four years and will consist of 4 cycles:

1.- A first cycle, based on students taking 7 subjects with 3 credits each. Total 21 credits +supervised individual research projects with 12 credits, which implies a total of 33 credits for students to attend.
2.- A second cycle where students are expected to take a research skill examination in front of a group of three professors from the UPM.
3.- A postgraduate internship of at least six months in Madrid (request Santander-UPM grant to stay ) to work on the thesis.
4.- Finally, a fourth cycle consisting on the taking of the doctorate thesis exam. (The doctorate thesis as well as tutored projects will be led by professors from the Polytechnic University of Madrid).

Program subjects:
Construction Materials
Ph.D Luis de Villanueva
Acoustic soundproofing
Ph.D Manuel Recuero
Industrialized construction
Ph.D Benito Lauret
Property Value
Ph.D Antonio Humero
Integrated Management of security and Health in Construction.
Ph.D Antonio Humero
Pathology and quality control
Ph.D Sergio Vega
Methodology and Scientific Documentation
Ph.D Rosa Ma González

PH.D TUITION FEE: $4.200.000

Each candidate must consider to pay 2 roundtrip trips to Madrid - Spain (1 trip for internship and another trip to take the doctorate exam).

Pre-enrollment form

1. Cash with a 7% discount.
2. Up to 48 installments after signing checks payable to the University of Magallanes.
3. University academic students are exempted from paying enrollment fee at the UPM.
4. It is not considered the payment of tuition fee at the University of Magallanes

Aimed at: Professors and researchers from Chilean Universities, professionals, public or private companies in the area of construction (Civil Engineers, Architects, engineers and builders, Civil Constructors), who have the support and commitment from their institutions so as to comply with the demands which are established in the program within the determined time limit (four years).

Application deadline: March 14th, 2007
Enrollment deadline: March 16th, 2007

Starting Date: March 19th,2007.
Further Information:
Phone: (61)207943 - (61)207017
Fax: (61)207901
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