Diploma "Family School Mediation" Objectives of the program:
  • Identify, analyse and relate to the real context, the epistemological, theoretical and methodological foundations of the conflict mediation process.
  • To analyze and compare from an interdisciplinary perspective problems in family, school and social environments.
  • To recognize, analyze and appropriate communication techniques that facilitate mediation.
  • To design mediation processes, in real contexts, as alternative resolution to conflicts.
  • To recognize and implement the various methodologies used in family or school mediation.
  • To handle operational strategies in social conflict mediation.
  • To assess mediation processes, including strategies, techniques, methodologies, theoretical basis, and so on.

Interest Profiles:
Social science professionals, legal science, education, health sciences and other professionals related to social sciences having prior evaluation from the academic committee.

Application Requirements
To have a professional or university degree in a career of at least four years.
Approval from the academic diploma committee.

Enrollment fee: $ 105,000
Tuition fee: Total $ 700,000


Program Structure:
The program consists of 252 hours (336 teaching hours), divided into three training levels and two possible choices: Family or School.

The diploma will have a systemic basis - constructivist from an interdisciplinary perspective focused on pluralism and diversity, integration between knowing and doing where intervention is considered to be a process of continuous and participatory study together with those who are professionally linked in conflict situations or family school relationship deterioration, emphasizing the understanding of these contexts as systems within the broader social context, in an area that provides expertise through theory and practice, study and ethical reflection in respect of diversity.

Program structure
LEVEL 1: Basis for mediation.
• Epistemology and history of mediation
• Mediation Models
• Interpersonal conflict relationships
• Communicational skills in mediation
• Social function of mediation

LEVEL 2: Family mediation
• Strategies and procedures in the mediation process
• Family as relational system
• Mediation in divorce and family conflicts
• Updates on Family Law

LEVEL 2: School mediation
• Strategies and procedures in the mediation process
• Current educational scenarios and their challenges
• School mediation and current educational theories
• School coexistence and legal regulation in school medication

LEVEL 3: Practice in family mediation or in school mediation.

Cristina Montiel Ojeda
Social Worker
Social Science diploma in Methodologies for Social Intervention and Master in Family Mediation

Lorena Aguilar Soto
Social Worker
Diploma in Family Mediation
© Master’s degree in Social Science

Carolina Garces Estrada
Social Worker
Master’s degree in Social Work and Social Policies.

Agnnes Dobson Soto
Social Worker
Diploma in Children and Adolescence from a legal social perspective.
© Master’s degree in Social Science

Cristian de la Harpe
Psychologist and Family Mediator
Diploma in Family Therapy
© Master’s degree in Family Therapy

Paola Roa Muñoz
Social Worker
Diploma in family counselling.
Diploma in Family Intervention
Master’s degree in Communication Sciences

Hector Szguetti
Bachelor in Law

Walter Molina Chavez
Social Worker
Master's Degree in educational research
Doctor of Education Sciences

Rodrigo Leiva Cárcamo
Specialist o Learning Disorders
© Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and Learning

Jessica Mayorga Bengoa
Social Worker
Unidad transversalidad seremi de educaion

Application deadline: March 15, 2008
Starting Date: April 2008

Academic coordinator program
Lorena Aguilar Soto
Social Science Department Professor

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