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Masters of Science in Conservation and Management of Resources in Sub-Antarctic Environments

  • Type: Academic
  • Modality: Face-to-face modality
  • Time requirements: Part time
  • Hours: Evening
  • Study periods: semesters
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Degree awarded: Master of Science in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources in Antarctic and Subantarctic Environments
  • Registration fee: 5 UF
  • 2019 Tuition: CLP $ 1,200,000.- annual
  • Where it is imparted:
  • Objectives:

This Master’s program is the first offered in the Chilean-Argentine Patagonia (south of the Chilean X Region) and  meets the needs of the austral academic and professional community. It contributes to the sustainable development of the region and stimulates basic science programs and applied in the most extensive territory of Chile: Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Province.

To fulfill the general objective of sustainable management and use of resources, the Magister program considers:

1) To include teaching and research in biological conservation in order to reinforce the environmental, social and economic sustainability in the practices of biological resource management.

2) To study of terrestrial ecosystems because they present essential ecological and biogeographical interrelations with the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic ecosystems.

Participation of academics from various disciplines associated with a group of national and international universities and scientific institutions that have competence in the area of ​​sustainable management for the training of researchers that contribute to the knowledge of southern biodiversity, its assessment and conservation,

This way we aim at the formation of a specialist in the area of ​​Management and Conservation of Natural Resources in Subantarctic Environments with a high scientific level of preparation, capable of teaching and carrying out research in the wide field of biological diversity, its ecological functions and its economic value under management and conservation plans that promote environmental and economic sustainability. This will allow technical advice to state and private organizations.

  • Admission profile:

The applicant must be in possession of the Bachelor’s Degree or professional degree of university level in the areas of biology, chemistry or related areas (environmental sciences, earth sciences, ecological sciences), as well as exceptionally in the area of ​​social sciences.



For more information, contact:


Coordinator: Dr. Rodrigo Villa

Phone: 612 207056

Email: rodrigo.villa@umag.cl


Secretaria: Nataly Lira

Teléfono: +56612207180

Email: nataly.lira@umag.cl

14 / January / 2021

Dirección de Postgrado

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