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PhD in Antarctic and Subantarctic Sciences

  • Type: Academic
  • Modality: Face-to-face
  • Time requirement: Full time
  • Hours: Daytime
  • Study periods: Semesters
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Grade awarded: Doctor of Antarctic and Subantarctic Sciences
  • Registration fee: 5 UF
  • 2019 Tuition:  CLP $ 3,000,000 annually
  • Vacancies 2019: 5
  • Web page: docas.umag.cl
  • Objectives:

General purpose:

To train scientists in the Region of Magallanes interested in becoming excellent researchers with the capacity to develop independent research activities in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic sciences, promoting scientific production and the integral development of people.

Specific objectives:

- To train researchers with theoretical foundations and solid practices in the area of ​​Natural Sciences focused on the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environment, and in the interdisciplinary fields of biological conservation and/or earth sciences.

- To train scientists who are capable of making significant contributions in these scientific disciplines and who possess a critical, proactive, independent capacity and with the ability to establish interdisciplinary collaborations.

- Generate graduates capable of inserting themselves in national and international research centers and interacting with groups from different disciplines, as well as in public services and other institutions with environmental work areas.

- Encourage the development of collaborative networks with National and Foreign Institutions.

  • Admission profile:

The applicant must be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (in the case of shorter than eight semester programs), a professional degree (in the case of programs shorter than 10 semesters), or a professional degree in areas related to this program, granted by Chilean or foreign universities. Applicants must go through a personal interview with the Postgraduate Program Committee (CPP) either face-to-face, by videoconference or another modality previously agreed with the applicant (for applicants from other cities or countries).

  • Graduation profile:

The graduate of the Doctorate program in Antarctic and Subantarctic Sciences of the University of Magallanes will be able to:

- Propose and develop autonomous and original research in the area of ​​Antarctic and subantarctic sciences with national and international projections.

Formulate and develop research proposals based on scientific hypotheses that allow facing the scientific challenges in the developed area.

- Integrate the different areas of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic sciences to generate knowledge and basic and/or applied scientific advances.

- Critically evaluate the scientific literature.

- Integrate and/or lead interdisciplinary research groups that allow facing the challenges/questions of science and the use of current technology from a synergistic perspective.

- Write scientific articles and/or register patents based on the research project developed.

- Share the knowledge generated both to the specialist community (seminars, congresses, publications, national and international congresses) and to the non-specialized public (lectures, courses and scientific dissemination projects).



For more information, contact:


Coordinator: Dr. Rodrigo Villa

Phone: 612 207056

Email: rodrigo.villa@umag.cl


Secretaria: Nataly Lira

Teléfono: +56612207180

Email: nataly.lira@umag.cl

14 / October / 2020

Dirección de Postgrado

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