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Postgraduate Direction

Vice-Rectory of Research and Postgraduate

March 31 , 2017


  • Descargar  General Regulations of the Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar  Regulations of scholarships for Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar  Regulations for financing conferences and support for thesis                                       or graduate work


Forms or formats:

  • Descargar 1.1     Form for the creation of Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar 1.2     Application form for Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar 1.2.2  Format letter of recommendation from academics to                                              students who apply for Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar 1.3    Annual report format of Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar 1.4     Student academic commitment form
  • Descargar 1.5     Format presentation and evaluation of Thesis
  • Descargar 1.6    Articulation agreement format
  • Descargar 2.1    Scholarship application form for Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar 2.2    Scholarship renewal form for Postgraduate programs
  • Descargar 2.3   Form for attendance at conferences
  • Descargar 2.4    Form 1 for support of thesis or degree work
  • Download 2.4.1  Form 2 for support to Thesis or Degree Work
  • Descargar 3.1    Form for accreditation of Postgraduate scholars


Accreditation Process:

  • Descargar Guide for the Self-Assessment Report (Master´s Degree)
  • Descargar Application form for incorporation (Master´s Degree)
  • Descargar Background form (Master´s Degree)
  • Descargar Guide for the Self-Assessment Report (PhD)

Guia para la Acreditación: Normas y Procedimientos

System of Transferable Credits:

  • Descargar Manual for the Implementation of the STC
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Dirección de Postgrado

Universidad de Magallanes • Avenida Bulnes 01855 • Punta Arenas • Chile
Teléfono: +56 61 2209365 • Email: direccion.postgrado@umag.cl