Dirección de Postgrado

Vicerrectoría de Investigación y Postgrado


  • Carácter: Académico

    Modalidad: Presencial

    Jornada: Completa

    Horario: Diurno

    Régimen de Estudios: Semestral

    Duración: 8 semestres

    Duración Máxima: 10 semestres

    Matrícula: 5 UF

    Arancel 2023: 3.763.000 - anual

    Grado de otorga: El estudiante que desarrolla y se adscribe a la mención en Química de Productos Naturales su grado será: Doctor en Ciencias mención en Química de Productos Naturales. El estudiante que desarrolla y se adscribe a la mención Biología Molecular su grado será: Doctor en Ciencias mención Biología Molecular.

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  • Académicos del Claustro

    Académicos del Claustro

    - Dra. Yolanda Espinosa Parrilla

    - Dr. Víctor Fajardo Morales

    - Dr. Andrés Mansilla Muñoz

    - Dr. Marcelo Navarrete Signorile

    - Dr. Nelso Navarro Martínez

    - Dr. Aurelio San Martín Barrientos

    - Dra. Karin Gerard

    - Dr. Juan Zolezzi

  • Colaboradores


    - Dra. Marisel Araya

    - Dr. Osvaldo Vidal Ojeda

    - Dr. Máximo Frangópulos Rivera

    - Dra. Laura Sánchez

    - Dra Sussy Bastías

    - Dr. Pedro Cuadra

    - Dra. Ingrid Hebel

    - Dra. Valeria Latorre

    - Dr. Juan Carlos Judikis

    - Dra. Karla Martínez

  • Coordinadora


    Dra. Marisel Araya


  • Ph.D. in Sciences, specialization Chemistry of Natural Products or Molecular Biology

    • Character: Academic
    • Modality: face-to-face
    • Hours: Full time, during the day
    • Duration: 8 semesters
    • Maximun Duration: 10 semesters
    • Registration: 5 UF
    • Tariff 2019: $3.000.000.- annual
    • Degree awarded: The studen who develops and attaches to the mention in Chemistry of Natural Products his degree will be: Doctor of Science mention in Chemistry of Natural Products. The student who develops and attaches to the mention of Molecular Biology, his or her degree will be: Doctor of Science, Molecular Biology.


    • Overall objective:

    - The program is aimed at the formation of advanced human capital, oriented to the creation of knowledge with special emphasis on research applied to the reality of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica.


    • Admission requirements and selection criteria:

    - Submit a documented Curriculum Vitae.
    - Be in possession (or in process) of an academic degree of Bachelor or Master in Chemical, Biological or related Sciences, and / or equivalent professional title granted by Chilean or foreign universities.
    - Letter of presentation of the applicant based on his interest in entering the program.
    - Legalized copy of the certificate or degree of academic degree.
    - Certificate of marks of asignaturas granted by the institution where it realized the studies, indicating the scale of qualifications.
    - Present 2 letters of recommendation related to the capacity and aptitude of the student, provided by prestigious academics in the area of the Program.
    - According to the applicant’s curriculum, the postgraduate commission will accept the application or recommend in this regard take leveling courses. In the same way you can validate subjects.
    - Proof of knowledge of the English language, which guarantees that the applicants is able to read and interpret works of the specialty, through and ad hoc examination.


    • Lines of Investigation:

    - Chemistry of Natural Products.
    - Chemical, molecular and cellular bases of prevalent diseases.


    • Qualification Requirements:

    - To have approved the number of credits and activities established by the specific regulations of the program.
    -Have approved the study plan including a defense thesis.
    - Have a publication accepted in a scientific journal (ISI).


    For more information, contact,


    Coordinator: Dra. Marisel Araya R.

    Phone: 612 207075

    Email: marisel.araya@umag.cl

    Dirección de Postgrado

    Universidad de Magallanes • Avenida Bulnes 01855 • Punta Arenas • Chile Telefono: [Telefonos] • Email: [Email de contacto]