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Master in Sciences, specialization in Chemistry of Naturals Products

  • Type: Academic
  • Modality: Face-to-face
  • Time requirements: Part time
  • Hours: Evening
  • Study periods: Semesters
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Degree awarded: Master of Sciences mention in Chemistry of Naturals Products
  • Registration fee: 5 UF
  • 2019 tuition: CLP $2.000.000.- annual
  • Vacancies 2019: 10


  • Objectives:
1) To train specialists in the area of ​​Biochemistry of Natural Products in the ecosystems of Patagonia, with a preparation of high scientific level, able to teach and do research in the wide field of ecological interactions, from a biochemical point of view.

2) Satisfy the needs of the academic and professional community of the Patagonian Eco-Region.

3) Contribute to the sustainable development of the region and stimulate basic and applied science programs in the most extensive territory of Chile: Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Province.

  • Admission profile:

The candidate must be a graduate or titled of a career in the area of ​​Natural Sciences or others (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy) who has completed 8 or more subjects in the area of ​​Chemistry.

  • Graduation profile:

It is expected to train specialists with a high scientific level, capable of teaching and carrying out scientific research in the area of ​​Natural Products Chemistry, of sub-Antarctic and possibly Antarctic marine and terrestrial environments, as well as providing technical advice to state or private organizations.

The trained professional will possess a deep knowledge in the different areas of knowledge addressed, considering some biological aspects of the treated species, their ecological interactions and the possible applications in the agriculture or cosmetic and / or pharmaceutical industry.



For more information, contact:


Coordinator: Dr. Pedro Cuadra Burgueño

Phone: 612 207053

Email: pedro.cuadra@umag.cl


19 / November / 2018

Dirección de Postgrado

Universidad de Magallanes • Avenida Bulnes 01855 • Punta Arenas • Chile Telefono: [Telefonos] • Email: [Email de contacto]