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05 de October del 2011

Funding for research projects

National Funds for the Financing Research

For the financing of projects and research programs, in addition to the internal contest that offers the Direction of Research at the University, there are several organizations that commonly come to the support of national researchers, through competitive grants. In the following links you can check current contests of each institution:


    The National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), in order to contribute to economic, social and cultural development of Chile, provides resources to researchers through competitive grants, facilitating the development and dissemination of scientific and technological research in coherence with the national innovation strategy.

    CONICYT Website: http://www.conicyt.cl/blog/category/concursos/abiertos


    In order to improve the competitiveness and productive diversification in the country, the Development Corporation to the Production (CORFO), through the promotion of investment, innovation and entrepreneurship, supports researchers and companies, strengthening human capital and technological capabilities for achieving sustainable and territorially balanced development.

    CORFO Website: http://www.corfo.cl/programas-y-concursos

  • FIA

    The misión fo the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA) of the Ministry of Agriculture, is to promote and encourage innovation in agri-food and forestry, strengthening capabilities and entrepreneurship for sustainable development and the competitiveness of Chile and its regions.

    Innovation Projects: Co-financing of initiatives that contribute to the introduction, development, validation and adoption of innovations that allow to generate or improve products, processes, services or methods of management in agri-food and forestry.

    Innovation Consultancy: Seek to bring to the country and/or the region applied knowledge to implement an innovative solution to a problem and/or opportunity clearly identified by a group of companies in the agri-food and forestry sector.

    Tours of Innovation: Its objective is to strengthen the knowledge, technological advances, and experiences of innovation and diffusion of the technologies, available in Chile or abroad, and which are related to the activities of agricultural, agri-food and forestry.

    FIA Website: http://www.fia.cl/convocatorias-fia/abiertas


    The Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) calls the country’s researchers to present projects of research in Antarctic, whose objectives and activities are associated with the six lines of research of the National Programme of Antartic Science of INACH (PROCIEN):

    (1) State of the Antarctic ecosystem
    (2) Antarctic Thresholds: Resilience and adaptation of the ecosystem
    (3) Climate change in Antarctica
    (4) Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences
    (5) Antarctic microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology
    (6) Antarctic environment

    INACH Website: http://www.inach.cl/proyectos


    The Copec UC Foundation invites to participate in its financing program, academics and researchers, natural or legal persons resident in Chile, whose investigations are led by professionals under the age of forty years, with a degree of master’s or higher, or who have a medical specialty.

    COPEC-UC Website: http://www.fundcopec-uc.cl/concursos

International Funds for the Financing Research

Because of the international interest in the development of initiatives that will help to cultivate scientific knowledge and the development of programs that allow to improve the economy and sustainability of countries in the process of growth and development. The following sources of funding have been created:

  • International Development Research Centre Research

    The International Development Research Center (IDRC) is a Canadian Government agency that participates in a wide range of projects all over the world. It aims to help researchers in developing countries to identify and study long-term practical solutions to the problems of social, economic and environmental of their communities. IDRC primarily finances research work performed by local researchers in developing countries. In this way, the IDRC strengthens the ability of indigenous research to develop policies and technologies which favour the emergence of healthy and prosperous societies, the improvement of food security, the preservation of biological diversity and easier access to information. The Centre is headquartered in Ottawa and its office for Latin America is located in Montevideo, Uruguay.

    Most of the research projects funded by the IDRC in Latin America have a regional scope. Its support has favored numerous scientific team that evaluate economic and health policies, studying medicinal plants, looking for ways to improve relations between mining companies and communities, inventing new sustainable forestry and agricultural exploitation techniques, and experiencing new ways to spread information.

    IDRC website: http://www.idrc.ca

  • Program Horizon 2020

    This program funds research and innovation projects in various thematic areas in the European context, with nearly 80,000 M€ for the period 2014-2020.
    Researchers, companies, technological centres and public entities have their place in this program.

    For more information about, visit the official website: http://eshorizonte2020.es/como-participar

  • Chairs Blaise Pascal

    International research Blaise Pascal pulpits were created in 1996 by the State and the Region of Ile-de-France. The management of these pulpits is entrusted to the Foundation of the Ecole Normale Superieure. Every pulpit allows a foreign researcher very high level, internationally renowned and all disciplines, to continue its work, around a scientific project, within 12 months distributed in two years, accompanied, if desired, by other researchers in an establishment of higher education or research of Paris / Ile-de-France.

    To apply you must enter to: http://www.chaires-blaise-pascal.ens.fr/dossier-2015

  • Newton-Picarte Fund

    The Newton Program is an initiative of the British Government to promote scientific research and innovation in 15 emerging economies, including Chile. The Newton-Picarte -named after the mathematician Ramon Picarte, the first Chilean researcher to publish abroad- arises from an agreement signed between the Ministry of Economy and the British Embassy in Chile and provides resources to our country to promote scientific research and innovation in the period 2013-2017 through different competitions implemented by CONICYT and other State institutions.

    The Newton-Picarte Fund finances joint research projects between Chilean and British scientists, technology transfer and innovation, development of human capital for research and innovation, and the creation of challenges that generate innovative solutions for the development of Chile.

    More information in: http://www.international.ac.uk/programmes/current-opportunities/the-newton-fund/calls-for-chile-newton-picarte-fund.aspx

  • ERANet-LAC

    Eranet-LAC is a network between the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) working on the unit of innovation and research activities. It seeks to support research between countries through joint research projects. The funding is implemented through a coordinated scheme where each agency will grant funding their national teams within each multilateral project.

    The projects are linked to the basic or applied science, also may include exchange activities, and access to equipment.

    Proposals must be submitted by a consortium, which must include at least four partners from different countries, represented at least two countries in each region (Europe and Latin America). The maximum number of partners per country is two. Partners can represent public or private research institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union.

    For more information visit: http://eranet-lac.eu

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