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24 de July del 2017

Scientific Ethics Committee

The Committee of Scientific Ethics corresponds to a collegiate body of a regulatory nature and is dependent on the rectory of the university, it is subject in its functions and attributions the institutional regulations and norms, compliance with national and international standards and recommendations and legal norms established in the legal framework. The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To evaluate, from the ethical, bioethical and biosafety perspective, the development of research projects in human beings, clinical trials, research on animals and other living organisms, sponsored by the University of Magallanes and the Institutions that request it.

  • To safeguard the rights and dignity of research subjects in the field of human research, ensuring compliance with national standards, international consultations and the current legal framework.

Scientific Ethics Subcommittee on Experimentation with Humans

Miembros Dependencia
Dra. Yolanda Espinosa Escuela de Medicina, UMAG.
Dra. Flavia Morello Instituto de la Patagonia, UMAG.
Dra. Susana Loaiza Dirección de Aseguramiento de la Calidad, UMAG.
Sra. Tamara Oyarzo Departamento de Ciencias Jurídicas, UMAG.
Sr. Diego Solsona Departamento de Terapia Ocupacional, UMAG.
Dr. Manuel Lorenzo Departamento de Psicología, UMAG.
Sr. Daniel Matus Departamento de Arquitectura, UMAG.
Sr. Cristina Diaz Servicio de Salud de Magallanes, Minsal.
Sra. Daniela Accorci Hospital Clínico de Magallanes.

Scientific Ethics Subcommittee on Experimentation with Animals and Other Living Things

Miembros Dependencia
Dra. Valeria Scabini Departamento de Ciencias Agropecuarias y Acuícolas, UMAG.
Dr. Pablo Gallardo Departamento de Ciencias Agropecuarias y Acuícolas, UMAG.
Sr. Ricardo Echeverria Departamento de Ciencias Agropecuarias y Acuícolas, UMAG.
Dra. Maria Furrianca Departamento de Enfermería, UMAG.
Dr. Carlos Rios Instituto de la Patagonia, UMAG.
Sra. Maria Sanchez Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero - SAG, Minagri.
Sra. Etel Latorre Secretaria Regional Ministerial de Agricultura, Minagri.
Sra. Elizabeth Muñoz Corporación Nacional Forestal - CONAF.



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  • Dirección de Investigación

    Investigación • Avenida Bulnes 01890 • Punta Arenas • Chile
    Teléfono: +56 61 2 209 397 • Email: dir.investigacion@umag.cl