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14 de August del 2015

Unit of Sustainable Tourism

Created in November of 2014, as the Commission of Research of Sustainable Tourism of the University of Magallanes, now denominated Unit of Sustainable Tourism, its main objective is; Design and develop projects and programs for the dissemination of knowledge and research related to Sustainable Tourism in the Magellan and Antarctic region of Chile.

The unit depends directly on the Vice-Rectory of Research and Postgraduate, and has a specialized team with international experience.

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Osvaldo Vidal Ojeda
PhD of Natural Resources
Coordinator of the Unit of Sustainable Tourism
Email: osvaldo.vidal@umag.cl

Adviser responsible for promoting, coordinating and disseminating programs and projects in the Tourism area.
Associate Professor of the University of Magallanes. Main research interests: vascular plant biodiversity, ecological restoration and community ecology. He is the author of the book “Flora Torres del Paine” and national and international scientific publications on the biodiversity of Patagonian ecosystems.

Rodrigo Ortiz Hintz
MSc in Sustainable Development
Responsible for linking between university and tourism companies
Email: rodrigo.ortiz@umag.cl

Development of sustainable tourism industry projects.
Coordinator of the career of Technician in Tourism of the Technological School
Consultant and Auditor for several international tourism sustainability stamps recognized by the GSTC – Global Sustainable Tourism Council.
Recognized as an expert in Tourism by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism.

Paulina Fajardo Cuiñas
Tourist services manager
Public relations officer
Email: paulina.fajardo@umag.cl

In charge of communication and dissemination of the Commission.
In charge of elaborating and supporting plans, programs and projects, of the Tourism area.
Provide technical advice on tourism projects for companies and institutions in the area.

Julie Erika Santin Klahn
Tourism Technician
Email: julie.santin@umag.cl

Representative of the University of Magallanes, in the Council of the Regional Strategic Program.
Responsible for developing and supporting tourism plans, programs and projects.
Provide technical advice on tourism projects for companies and institutions in the area.
In charge of national and international dissemination and extension of the Tourism Committee.

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