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Direction of Research

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23 de September del 2011

Priority Lines of research

The Universidad de Magallanes, within the framework that surrounds its institutional mission, emphasizes the study and acquisition of knowledge applied to the reality of the environment in Chilean Patagonia and Antarctica, raising awareness at the same time, of the effective links with the regional environment.

Strategic Guidelines of Research

In research, development and innovation, the university orients its activities on strengthening the studies and publications in the various disciplines comprising the humanities, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic. To do this, the university has required creating interdisciplinary groups of high scientific productivity, which stand out in the following priority areas defined by the institution:

  • Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Science

    Line of research that considers the study of marine and terrestrial, sub-Antarctic and Antarctic Biodiversity and protection mechanisms pristine places like national parks and biosphere reserve Cape Horn.

    + Over 400 publications done
    It counts with 2 study centres and 5 highly capable laboratories

  • Human Settlement and Regional Identity in High Latitudes

    Line of research that considers, from a current and historical perspective, studies and knowledge generation relating to indigenous peoples in general, constitutive communities in the Magallanes Region. This also includes contemporary studies of the inhabitants of the southern end zone.

    + Over 150 publications done
    It counts with 2 study centres and 1 highly capable laboratory

  • Energy and Environment

    Line focused on studies and construction of knowledge involving the generation, processing, optimization and efficient use of diverse energy sources, as well as the study of energy policies and diversification of the matrix for the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, considering also its interaction with the environment in a context of sustained and sustainable development.

    + Over 50 publications done
    It counts with 1 study centre and 3 highly capable laboratories

  • Human Development

    Line of research that aims to generate research and knowledge in the areas of human development through the life cycle in its biological, psychological, social and educational.

    + Over 100 publications done
    It counts with 1 study centre and 3 highly capable laboratories

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