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23 de September del 2011

Initiation of academics and students.

Support to research projects
  • Research Grant Program

    The Universidad de Magallanes intended institutional funds to foster research through an annual call for proposals with two lines of funding:

    a) Grant to Research Programs: It is aimed at supporting the research programs in science and technology proposed by academics from the University. A program is a set of coherent project, articulated around central themes, solved in a relevant proposal, and based on the excellence of its formulation. The objective of this is to contribute to the formation of working groups aimed to resolve relevant and pertinent issues, that contribute to the knowledge of the area and disciplines involved, and contribute in the context in which the University operates.

    The programs follow traditional conventions for design and have up to two years duration. They are technically evaluated by referees external to the University, prior a formal revision by an ad hoc committee of the university.

    b) Grants to Research Projects: This aims to support the development of creative scientific and technological research initiatives that are consistent with the formation of the researcher and the specific interests of his/her academic unit. A project aims to resolve a specific question, structured around a central theme and it has one year of duration. They are technically evaluated by referees external to the University, prior a formal revision by an ad hoc committee of the university.

  • Support for the Formulation of Projects

    Its objective is to support the development and improvement of a research project submitted to competitive funds, of national or international prestige, and not reached the required score for funding required for its execution. Within the projects that failed to finance, the project chosen will be that one that has reached the highest score and subsidize will be according to the budgetary reality of the University. The funds will be allocated to improve the weaknesses of the project and this must be presented obligatorily to the next contest in the same agency that was presented before. The Principal Researcher must make a detailed budgetary framework, which will be approved to run by the Direction of Research.

Support to scientific publications
  • Subsidy for the publication of research work in scientific journals

    The goal is to collaborate with the publication of the results of those researches duly accredited and active in the Direction of Research and that have been made by researchers of the university.

    Publishing understood as an article that will be included in a magazine of a scientific and / or technological character of national or international circulation with editor committee. Not be considered as publications abstracts of conference, procedures, reports, proceedings or technical report. Neither is considered to be publication the product of the development of project with external financing and considered within its budget a specific charge for these effects. The support will be given only those publications that are associated with programs or research projects in science and technology accredited by the Direction of Research.

  • Incentive to Publish in Web of Science (ISI) and SciELO

    Economic incentive for academics who publish their research results in international journals.

    Annually, in agreement with the Rectory and the Academic Vice-Rectory Office, the Direction of Research will provide an economic incentive direct to those researchers who publish their findings in Web of Science and SciELO. This is a unique annual subsidy per publication.

    This economic incentive comes from a percentage of the annual budget of the Direction of Research, which will be set annually by the Honorable Board of Directors at the request of the Rectory. The Academic Vice-Rectory with the Research Vice-Rectory will decide the distribution of funds, according to the respective regulations.

    It is essential requirement that is explicitly mentioned the affiliation of the authors at Universidad de Magallanes. In addition, the published project must be accredited before the Direction of Research of the University.

    Regulation of ISI allocation, Decree N°27/S.U./2001 (only spanish)

    Application Form (only spanish)

Training in research
  • Subsidy for the Development of Theses

    It consists of a competitive grant for students to develop their undergraduate and graduate theses to research projects forward Fondecyt.

    It is intended to directly support those research projects that have succeeded in obtaining external funding (FONDECYT, FONDEF, among others of equal importance) and for which the competition of undergraduate and graduate, who might develop their respective thesis in required Under the project dependencies and the University of Magallanes. In the case of FONDECYT projects, administrative costs will go up to an amount not exceeding 80% of the total allocated to this item, in the first instance for financing the thesis students. In any case, the University will support a graduate student per project and up to an amount to be determined according to the budget of the Directorate of Research and the amount of income for expenses of administration of externally funded projects, by a maximum period of two years. Nominations of candidates for the grant is made in accordance with the academic unit to which the main researcher for the project belongs. Alternatively, it may reallocate the funds available to items that the main researcher himself considers appropriate.

  • Support for Scientific Initiation of Undergraduate Students

    It is designed to support students who are initiating research activities go beyond the activities in your thesis or seminar obtaining his bachelor’s degree and who are related to a specific academic unit. This financing will be for a maximum of one year. Nominations of candidates for this support will be in accordance with the academic unit to which the main researcher or the promoter of the thesis belongs.

  • Training Program to Form Researchers

    In accordance with the budgetary framework of the Direction of Research, annually there should be activities aimed at encouraging academics to carry out scientific and technological research. To do so, cycles of conferences and seminars are performed intended for training on matters related to scientific research.

  • Support Program for Postgraduate programs of the University

    The Direction of Research supports the development and implementation of graduate programs, allowing to properly complement the activities of science and technology research with those associated with postgraduate teaching.
    Directly, scientific activity has been involved with the development of teaching postgraduates programs in virtually the entire university system.

  • Sponsorship of the Annual Congress of the University’s Scientific Initiation
  • The Direction of Research encourages undergraduate students to conduct research, funding the Congress of Scientific Initiation and Professional Students (CICYPE), where they present the results of their research projects and / or thesis.

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