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09 de November del 2013

Scientific production

Research Projects

The Universidad de Magallanes throughout its research, it has contributed to the national and international scientific knowledge from the southern corner of Chile. In the productive sector the university has been an important actor in the region, promoting the implementation of new applied research projects with aims in the technology transfer and impact of innovative products / services in the national economy.

The topics distribution in the research projects executed by the university shows a predominance in natural products development.

The main projects done by the Universidad de Magallanes in each of its emblematic research lines are summarized in the project yearbook. This document is developed by the Direction of Research and it presents details in each initiative with the highlights results. (Last version period 2013-2015).

Scientific Publications

One of the main achievements in the process of management and diffusion of the results of research projects is the publication of research articles in journals internationally indexed (category WOS and SciELO).

A detailed list with the publications is presented in the link below:

The topics in the publications done by the Universidad de Magallanes from the informartion presented shows the next scientific tend:

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