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Direction of Research

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23 de September del 2011


Mission Statement

To assume the generation of knowledge as an essential and necessary task through disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific and technological research, transforming this activity into one of the main axes of our academic life, incorporating it in our educational project, deepening and strengthening the bases for scientific and technological research in the diverse areas of knowledge. Scientific and technological research at UMAG must be an important pillar that allows us to advance in the project of turning our university into a leading institution, recognized as a great regional and national scientific and technological research center of international scope, which contributes to the resolution of problems in different areas of science, as at the social level.

Policies of the Research Direction

The Research Department of the Universidad de Magallanes pursues the development and integration of scientific knowledge into the academic environment, focusing its efforts on developing mechanisms and procedures to strengthen scientific activity in accordance with institutional strategic planning. To this end, the following declared policies for this area have been identified:

1. To generate basic and/or applied research in the areas defined as priorities by the University of Magallanes:

  • Antarctic and Subantarctic Science
  • Human Population and Regional Identity in High Latitudes
  • Energy and Environment
  • Human Development

2. To strengthen science and technology research through the development of competitive and externally funded research projects.

3. To increase the indexed scientific productivity of the academics of the University of Magallanes, as well as the production of books and book chapters.

4. To consolidate and strengthen institutional scientific journals to improve their indexation and impact index.

5. to establish effective national and international collaboration networks that allow to consolidate capacity building in research, development, innovation, academic and student exchange, development of joint postgraduate programs.

6. To increase the number of doctoral degree scholars and to encourage non-degree scholars to improve in specialization courses and/or postgraduate programs.

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  • Dirección de Investigación

    Investigación • Avenida Bulnes 01890 • Punta Arenas • Chile
    Teléfono: +56 61 2 209 397 • Email: dir.investigacion@umag.cl