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02 de May del 2020

(Español) CIGA-UMAG se adjudica proyecto de energía renovable para el DOMO

The “Agencia de Sostenibilidad Energética (Agency of energy sustainability, Agencia SE) and the Ministerio de Energía, through the program “Comuna Energética”, made the call to the first application of projects to the “Comunidad Energética” program, being the Universidad de Magallanes the winner with it proposal “Paneles Solares fotovoltaicos en las inmediaciones de las instalaciones del Centro de Investigación GAIA–Antártica”, more known as the “domo”, located in the campus north of Punta Arenas.

Over a 300 of applications were presented from every region of the country. From these, 80 were preselected, which certified the technical feasibility of its projects to apply to the second stage of the grant. From this stage, 46 applicants presented. The evaluation committee decided to grant at the Universidad de Magallanes, which resulted as the best evaluated from the entire country.

This grant looks to promote the participation of the community in the climatic action, to contribute in the transition towards a sustained energy development and lower carbon emissions. The grant funds up to 5 millions of chilean pesos, to initiatives in sustained energy, local generation, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, reforestation, environmental protection and soils enhancement.

Regarding to this, the principal researcher of this project, Claudia Mac-lean indicates: “we are proud to have received this benefit, because we consider that is the collection of actions and initiatives like this one, which as a whole will allow the transformation towards a society more friendly, social and environmental, and also possibly to a carbon neutral planet in the next decades”.

More information about the grant in the following link https://www.agenciase.org/2020/04/21/23-proyectos-resultaron-ganadores-en-el-primer-concurso-comunidad-energetica/

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